Science-Social Movement Interface for Food System Transformation


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What does it take to help transform our global food system?

There are numerous local, regional, and global food movements and farmer organizations across the world. They all criticize the current industrial food system and advocate for a more sustainable food and agriculture system. However, depending on their geographical location, the problem they wish to address, the solutions proposed, and their political strategy may differ.

This seminar will provide an opportunity for various food movements and farmer organizations to participate in the T20 process. The social movements invited to the event will come from different regions, allowing for an interesting exchange of global perspectives, ideas, knowledge, challenges, and best practices for sustainable food systems.

Let’s get together and exchange ideas in a discussion on Tuesday, 9th August 2022, at 15.00 PM GMT +7 Western Indonesia Time!

Registration: here
Meeting ID: 562 790 6734
Passcode: T20Seminar

Available on Youtube here

Place and Date

Online, August 9, 2022


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Science-Social Movement Interface for Food System Transformation


Keynote Speech

Invited speakers

Dr Laksmi Adriani Savitri (Chairperson of the National Board for FIAN Indonesia)
Famara Diedhiou (Program Officer – West Africa at the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa)
Pipi Supeni (Indigenuous woman of West Kutai, Dayak Benuaq Community)

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