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CTSS IPB University was created on January 2018 by SK IPB No 32/IT3/OT/2018. The Center was launched on November 2018 which coincides with the 1st International Symposium on Transdisciplinarity Approach for Knowledge Co-creation in Sustainability (ISTAKCOS). In his opening remark during the launch of CTSS, the Rector IPB University, Prof Dr Arif Satria, stated that CTSS is IPB University’s sustainability science development node, which orientates on producing strategic solution for complex environmental as well as sociocultural ecological issues. CTSS uses transdiciplinary approach that is inclusive of all stakeholders including involvement of local communities and local knowledge to achieve sustainability. CTSS also position itself central as a communication hub/platform between academia and other stakeholders, such as policy makers, bussiness sectors, civil society and local communities.


Transdisiplin di Lahan Gambut

by Dr. Ir. Suria Darma Tarigan, M.Sc

Transdisciplinary Approach

Transdisciplinary is an approach closely associated with addressing complex problems that require input from multiple disciplines and must consider the needs of multiple stakeholders.

Sustainable Landscape

Sustainable Landscape requires landscape governance. Due to its complexity, establishment of a landscape governance often requires transdisciplinary approaches.

Knowledge Platforms


Series of event organized by CTSS mainly for graduate students to collect and to disseminate ideas pertaining to sustainability and transdisciplinary approaches

Transdisciplinary Tea Talk

Series of event organized by CTSS to collect and to disseminate ideas pertaining to transdisciplinary approach which is necessary to establish Indonesian’s cases in transdisciplinary frameworks

Afternoon Discussion

Redesigning the Future is series of monthly event organized by CTSS for public to collect and to disseminate ideas pertaining to sustainability and transdisciplinary approaches


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Maastricht School of Management (MSM) offers accredited programs in Maastricht and in collaboration with partner institutions in a number of countries across the world.

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