Call For Policy Brief Abstract T20

Call For Policy Brief Abstract T20

T20Think 20 (T20) is a Mexican G20 presidency initiative. The first T20 meeting took place in Mexico City in February 2012, where think-tank representatives from 15 countries – including Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, and South Korea – attended a conference on the future of the G20 presidency, which was delivered at the Summit in Los Cabos.

The T20 serves as the “knowledge or ideas’ bank” for G20. T20 takes on this role as a platform for global think tanks and experts to present a comprehensive analysis of the G20’s ongoing discussions and to generate ideas to assist the G20 in developing concrete and long-term policies.

The T20’s final products are policy briefs and communique that are presented as a policy alternative to the G20 working group, ministers, and state leaders, not as a recommendation. Additionally, there will also be side events that will be hosted by each Task Forces, before the T20 Summit in September 2022. This year G20 presidency is held by Indonesia, and takes the theme of Recover Together, Recover Stronger. There are nine Task Force groups within the T20 Indonesia, as seen below:

Task Force


T20 Timeline

The timeline of T20 events are as follows:

Call for Abstract – T20

A Call for Policy Brief Abstract has been announced on 30 November 2021 during the handover of T20 leadership from Italy to Indonesia (see further on the website).

For this year T20 meeting, there is a Task Force 4 on Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture that will be hosted by CIPS (Center for Indonesian Policy Studies) and co-hosted by CTSS (Center for Transdisciplinary and Sustainability Science). The primary focus of TF4 is to discuss, rethink, and underpin the issues of food security and sustainable agriculture, coupled with the best feasible solutions.

Altogether there are 10 policy areas that will be discussed in this year Task Force – T20 on Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture. They are as follows:

  1. Global and inclusive recovery from the pandemic through trade in food and agriculture and global value chains
  2. Increasing agricultural productivity to feed a growing world population
  3. Resilient food systems and nature-positive agricultural production that adapts to climate change and external shocks
  4. Rethinking agricultural subsidies to directly benefit impoverished farmers and to reduce trade-offs between agriculture and climate change
  5. Reducing food loss and food waste in the food systems
  6. Food access, food affordability, food literacy and sustainable consumption
  7. Land ownership, sustainable landscape management, and livelihood of smallholder family farms
  8. Future of farming in a digital and data-driven world, and agriculture market information system
  9. Policies and infrastructure for sustainable small-scale fisheries
  10. Innovative models to finance sustainable agriculture

*Gender mainstreaming will be a cross-cutting issue

Rules and Regulations – T20

  1. The structure of PB Abstract is as follows:
    1. Abstract Summary (300 Words)
    2. Challenge (200 Words)
    3. Proposal (200 Words)
    4. Relevance to G20 (100 Words)
  2. The title, author(s) and affiliated institutions must be stated clearly
  3. Policy briefs will go through an internal peer review
  4. Examples of past T20 Policy briefs can be found here.
  5. The selected policy briefs will be published on T20 Indonesia’s website and will serve as background material for the T20 Final Communiqué. Authors of accepted abstracts are considered task force members


In previous T20 meetings, “agriculture” was not designated as its own Task Force. Instead, the issues on agriculture were a cross cutting issues. In 2021, T20 Italy has created various numbers of policy briefs within the Task Force 2 Climate Change, Sustainable Energy & Environment (Repurposing Agricultural Policy Support for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Climate Change, Food Security, and Central Banks in Developing Economies; and Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in Smart Cities), Task Force 3 Trade, Investment and Growth (Agricultural Trade in a Post-Pandemic World), and Task Force 5 2030 Agenda and

Development Cooperation (Repurposing Agricultural Policy Support for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; A More Sustainable and Resilient Agri-Food Sector to Better Deal with the Pandemic; and A Multidimensional Approach to Poverty that Strengthens the Humanitarian-Development Nexus).

The final T20 Communique can be accessed at communique/.





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