Science-Social Movement Interface for Food System Transformation

What does it take to help transform our global food system? There are numerous local, regional, and global food movements and farmer organizations across the world. They all criticize the current industrial food system and advocate for a more sustainable food and agriculture system. However, depending on their geographical location, the problem they wish to […]

Science-Policy Interface for Food System Transformations

  While there are existing evidence-based solutions for more sustainable food systems, there are still many political challenges in the way of changing the current global system to a more sustainable one. In this session, we’ll talk about what the T20 can do to make the evidence-based solutions for food security and sustainable agriculture more […]

G20, T20 and the Role of CTSS

The G20 summit serves as a platform in connecting the 20 world’s largest economies and facilitates international cooperation among countries in resolving global challenges.